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The friend zoned z34

Owner- Lamir Brown

Vehicle- 2014 Nissan 370Z

Occupation- Personnel in Air Force

Photographer- Brandi Adams

Interviewer- Sam Singh


           My name is Lamir Brown and I'm in the Air Force been in for six years I'm a military brat. I was in Nursing School before I joined the military, but I decided to do something else. Since both my parents were both Army and my friends were all in the Army I thought yea sign me up. My parents quickly talked me out of joining the Army and instead joining the Air Force. I have travelled a lot but I'm loving Texas and want to stay the car scene out here is the best I've seen by far.

When did you buy your 370Z?

I bought the car on 1st of June 2014, the anniversary of joining the military.

Who does most of the work on your car?


Friends and myself. I tried shops before but they like to tear up stuff so never again.

Is this your first project car?

Yes I'm very excited about it.

What made you choose this car over the competitive cars in it's class?

I was looking at the Mustang, Camaro, and the 370z. I didn't want the Mustang just because way too many people had it. The Camaro looked awesome and the Transformers movie really made me want to buy one. So now it's between the Camaro and the Z the Z looked cool and I had a friend that had one and he said it was light and great at cornering, it was the perfect car. So since I like driving fast, taking corners fast and going to the track. I chose the Z and have not regretted my decision.

Where do you see yourself with this car in the next couple years?

Hopefully an invite to SEMA.

Did you achieve your Initial Goal with the car? 

Yes, it was to get at least 1 sponsorship and now I have 10+

What are your future plans for the car?

To move up to my sponsor AceAlloyWheels top Forges line AMF and get a set of 3 piece wheels in Kandy Purple, upgrade brakes to Project MU BBK, and be the first Z to have the Varis Kamikaze kit, and do the whole interior in Carbonfiber.

What/Who inspires your build? 

My friends and ideas I get from carshows, magazines, and the internet I combine it all to come up with something I like.

Is there anyone you would like to thank for the help/support throughout this journey?


My buddies Daniel, Brenta, Adam, Ryan, and the awesome photographer Brandi.


Takeda dual CAI

Kandy purple painted strut bar

Kandy purple painted engine cover



Invidia Gemini CBE with custom short tails



BRAUMRACING Black & Red Racing Venom Racing Seats

BRAUMRACING Purple 5 point harness



Full Carbon Fiber Amuse kit

Avery Matte Metallic Royal Purple wrap with custom Japanese Sun overlays

Custom Painted Purple Headlights with RGB demon Eyes

RGB Halos

RGB landing strip

Custom Carbonfiber SS hood

VF1 Carbonfiber fenders

Type Zero Splitter and Rods

Wheels And Suspension:

Swift Lowering Springs

AceAlloy Devotion Wheels

20x10.5 in front and 20x9.0 in the rear

Bridgestone Potenza SO-4 pole positions Tires in Front

Bridgestone Potenza RE-076s Tiresin Rear


What would you want your next project car to be?

Porsche GT3 RS

What is your favorite mod on your car? 


It would have to be the BRAUMRACING seats that are really comfortable and keep you in one place.

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