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Airlift 3H
Dpe Sp5 Wheels
Streetfaction Chassis Wing
Carbonsignal Cf Fenders
Vis racing cf hood
Carbon signal Cf lipkit and side blades
Motordyne shockwave Catback
Motordyne art pipes
Stillen g3 headers
Ecutek tune


Nick wolfe's 370z

(Z YA L8A)

Owner- Nick Wolfe

Vehicle- 2015 Nissan 370z Nismo

Occupation- Project Accountant

Photographer- Various (Images are not owned by Street Stance Magazine)

Interviewer- Sam Singh

When did you buy your 370Z?

I bought the car in June 2015

Is this your first project car?

No, I've also owned a 2007 Acura TL

What would you want your next project car to be?

I would really want my next project car to be a 2018 Toyota Supra

What made you choose this car over the competitive cars in it's class?

I've always wanted a Z. One day i decided to test drive a Nismo and ended up actually buying it. 

What was your initial goal with the car when you first purchased it?

To stand out and make something different.

Did you achieve your Initial Goal with the car? 

Yes, I did.

What are your future plans for the car?

Possibly a Twin Turbo. Meaty tire fitment.

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