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Owner- Chris Bonnell

Photographer- Vengeance Graphix

Interviewer- Sam Singh

Sam- Hi Chris, Where are you from?

Chris- I'm from Central NJ.

Sam- What got you interested in cars?

Chris- What got me interested in cars was social media and car forums. Seeing what can be done to a vehicle and how drastic they can change from doing modifications. From visuals to Performance.

Sam- Do you think that you will ever "slam" your car, or are you more of a function kinda guy?

Chris- The thought of slamming the car has certainly crossed my mind a few times here and there. The car is lowered currently, but always wondered what it would look like even lower. I think if the right company came along and wanted to put an air suspension on the car i would certainly do it.

Sam- When did you purchase your Camaro?


Chris- I purchased the car Dec 31, 2013.

Sam- What was the reason for your choice of this car?

Chris- Reason for the choice of this specific car would be the large hype it got back when Transformers first released it. It sounds cliche because i know a lot of people got this car due to the movie, however i did not want to turn it into a fictional character based theme. Which is why ive kept myself apart from going down that road and just making an overall badass looking camaro.

Sam- What plan did you have in mind when you first purchased your camaro?

Chris- The first plan i originally had when i got this car was to keep it stock since i recently upgraded the car from a v6 camaro. However, the rush of a v8 and the extra power was only the drug to make you want to modify it even more. With that being said, i knew i was going down a path of more performance and more visually eye catching stuff.

Sam- What are your future plans with the car?

Chris- My future plans for the car will be working on some interior changes as well as getting more performance modifications done to the engine. I would ultimately like to have the car cammed for that extra hp boost. Have even thrown the idea of getting the car wrapped in something thats jaw dropping.. what color of style... well thats going to be a secret for now.

Sam- Where do you see yourself with this car in next couple of years?

Chris- I'd like to say that in a few years i'd like to still see myself with this car as its been one hell of a ride so far. 


Current Exterior Mods:

+GM ZL1 Grille

+GM Splitter Painted Inferno Orange 

+GM Side Skirts Painted Inferno Orange 

+GM Rear Diffuser Painted Inferno Orange 

+MPD1 Z-Force Hood Painted Inferno Orange

+APR Splitter w/Rods

+MPD1 Spoiler Painted Inferno Orange

+Matte Black Vinyl Wrapped Roof

+Matte Black SS Trunk Emblem 

+Matte Black Vinyl Hood Spears 

+Matte Black Vinyl Side Gills 

+Matte Black Trunk Lid Blackout 

+Matte Black Front Fascia Blackout 

+Matte Black Vinyl Bowtie Inlays

+Black Painted Tail Light Bezels 

+3D Carbon Fender Vents Painted Inferno Orange 

+Madico Charcool 20% Tints 

+CAMARO Fender Emblems Painted Black 

+20% Tint Side Markers 

+20% Tint Reverse Lights 

+20% Tint Tail Lights 


Current Interior Mods: 

+Fire Extinguisher w/bracket

+Lloyd floor mats with “CAMARO SS” embroidered in IOM 

+Camaro SS emblem from stock grille below the shifter 

+Billet Shifter in Black w/Inferno Orange Camaro Lettering

+Custom Interior Trim Piece Graphics

+Custom Interior Door Panel Graphics

Current Performance Mods: 

+NGK TR55 Spark Plugs 

+R1 Concepts Slotted / Drilled Rotors

+Russell Performance Stainless Steel Brake Lines

+160* thermostat 

+KOOKS 1 7/8” Long Tube Headers w/Hi Flow Cats 

+Cold Air Inductions CAI Painted Black

+Borla Atak Axle Back Exhaust 

+MBRP Square Exhaust Tips  

+VMAX CNC Spiral Ported Throttle Body Painted Inferno Orange

+Tune by Rob Kats (RKTuning) 


Current Engine Bay Mods: 

+Custom Vinyl Designed Fuse Box Warp

+Custom Vinyl Designed Engine Cover Wrap

+Custom Vinyl Designed CAI Lid Wrap

+Classic Industries Engine Trim Accents panels Painted Black

+Paint Dip Stick Handle Painted Inferno Orange

+GM Strut Tower Brace Matte Black Vinyl

+TPIS Strut Tower Brace Bracket Kit 

+Battery Terminal Cover Painted Inferno Orange

+Wire Harness Cover Painted Black

Current Suspension:

+ Eibach 1” Pro Lowering Springs



+LED RGB Grille Lighting 

+LED RGB Engine Bay Lighting 

+JDP RGB Colorshift Halo Kit 

+ORACLE LED Dome Light in Red

+ORACLE LED Trunk Light in Red

+LED RGB Footwell Lighting 

+LED RGB 3D Carbon Fender Vent Lighting 


Wheels & Tires: 

+Forgestar F14s w/ Carbon Fiber Center Caps

+Gorilla Wheel Locks in Gloss Black

+20×9 Fronts 

+20×10 Rears

+Nitto Invo Tires 

275/40/20 Fronts 

295/35/20 Rears

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