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Exterior Mods:


Volk Racing Lugs

Seibon Mugen Carbon Fiber Hood

MasterGrade MG2 Carbon Fiber Trunk


Interior Mods:

J's Racing Shift knob

Custom Nexus in-dash tablet

Custom Fitted Air Controller

Mugen Floor Mats


Performance Mods:

K&N FIPK intake

Berk Racing 3" header-back exhaust 

BuddyClub Headers


Engine Bay Mods:

NRG Strut Bar


NRG Torque Damper

NRG Hood Damper

DressUp Bolts (Gold)

PasswordJDM Carbon Fiber Heat Shield

PasswordJDM Carbon Fiber Cooling Plate


Suspension Mods:

D2Racing Air Suspension

Megan Racing Axle Spacers 


Wheels & Tires:

CCW Reps 17x9 +18 squared wrapped in 225/35/17

Sokrit's s2000

Owner- Sokrit Huor

Vehicle- 2006 Honda S2000

Photographer- Marcus Bolds

Interviewer- Sam Singh


           I'm Currently living in Stockton, CA. My name is Sokrit Huor and I drive a 2006 Laguna Blue Honda S2000. I am a student, currently studying to be a Computer Engineer with lots of free time to work on changing up my car. I got into cars at a very young age, always looking at the modding scene hoping that one day I would be able to build a car that would fit and display my personality overall. Every chance I get, I’m always looking and searching forums for ideas on what to do with my car next. While looking at other S2000s, I try my best to keep my own style and still stand out in a crowd.

When did you buy your S2000?

I bought the car in late September of 2015

What motivated you to choose the Stance Life over Tracking or Racing the car?

I chose the stance life just because I can always look back at my car and smile knowing it looks incredible to me. Tracking the S2000 would’ve been an incredible experience but I decided that it is not my time yet since I am still a student and if something goes wrong on the track then I will be short of a daily driver to get to school. The friends I made before I entered the car scene have all tracked their S2000s and being a passenger, I can assure that tracking will be something in the future for me when I am financially able to afford the costs that go along with it.

Is this your first project car?

No, I came from a static 9th gen civic that sat a few inches from the ground.

What would you want your next project car to be?

My next project car would have to be an old Subaru wagon just for the vintage look of the car and it is the opposite of the S2000 in size.

What made you choose the S2000 over the competitive cars like 350Z, RX8, FRS or BRZ or a Miata?

I decided to choose the S2000 mainly due the car being an iconic sports car that the everyday Joe can afford. It is a legendary car released and I believe it is one of the biggest achievement by Honda. When looking to buy a car I was set on getting something that was rear wheel drive, 6 speed manual and a perfect weight balance. As soon as I drove the S2000 I knew it was the car for me because of the way the dash was laid out along with the seating position which was amazing.

What was your initial goal with the car when you first purchased it?

The goal when I first purchased the car was just to have a reliable daily that I can speed around town, my first idea was just to do coil overs, full bolt ons, and a nice set of rims

Where do you see yourself with this car in the next couple years?

Hopefully I still have the car as I intend to keep the car for a very long time, but I would like to go full on crazy with the build. The car will be a full on show car that will only be taken out on special occasions. The car is still very much in it’s early stages and I am more than excited to see how it will turn out.

Did you achieve your Initial Goal with the car? 

The initial goal with the car is somewhat achieved because it is a fun daily for cruising around town in, but I have new goals in mind which will hopefully be achieved in the future.

What are your future plans for the car?

I would like to start contacting companies that will be able to work with me on designing custom parts for the car along with sponsoring my build. I plan to complete the exterior of the car, proceed to move onto the interior and finally finishing it up by addressing the engine bay with a much needed turbo.

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