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Chris' q50

Owner- Chris Cu

Vehicle- Infiniti Q50

Photographer- Marcus Bolds

Interviewer- Sam Singh


           My name is Chris Cu I am from Sacramento, CA. I got into cars when I was in 4th grade after looking at some Import Tuner and Super Street Magazines, once I saw all these modified imports I then knew I wanted to do the same, didn’t modify my first car till I was 19 or 20 when I bought my first car a 2009 Nissan Maxima I slowly built the car while meeting new faces and getting to know some shop owners. Soon after finishing what I did with the Maxima I parted out to buy my dream car Nissan 370Z I then built it in under a year, and within that year I accomplished a lot, not only with the car but relationships with shops such as Imperial Works, Diamond Auto body and many others I had also become part of a team called PUREVIP. Never have I been part of a team but right away I knew these guys would be the ones I stick with for a very long time. After a while I realized having a 2 seater wasn’t practical right now so I parted out and sold the Z for My Infiniti Q50 I have now.

When did you buy your Q50?

I bought the car in 2014.

What motivated you to choose the Stance Life over Tracking or Racing the car?

I always loved the look of cambered wheels, deep lips, and low cars. I respect all other types of build but for me I think stance is where I belong.

Is this your first project car?

No I have had 2 others a Nissan Maxima and a Nissan 370Z

What would you want your next project car to be?

Next project I’ve always wanted was a 260/280Z or possibly a get back into a 370Z or a 350Z

What made you choose the Q50 over the competitive cars in it's class?

Q50 just had such an aggressive front end and I also always loved the interior with the dual screen display. It also made sense since I’ve owned 2 Nissans previously why not get the Q50 has the power I wanted and the look.

What was your initial goal with the car when you first purchased it?

When I first bought it, I originally just wanted to do coilovers, wheels, exhaust, and splitter kit.

Where do you see yourself with this car in the next couple years?

Supercharger or turbo.

Did you achieve your Initial Goal with the car? 

Yea, more then I initially wanted.

What are your future plans for the car?

Looking to wrap or paint the car, interior, brakes, audio and possibly bumper fuse.

What/Who inspires your build?

My friends and team mates of PUREVIP.

Photo By:The Chronicles    IG @Stickydiljoe


Photo By: Markfongphotography


Blitz Front Bumper

Blitz Side-skirts

Blitz Rear

Outcast Garage Carbon Fiber Front Splitter

Custom Painted Headlights

Outcast Garage Carbon Fiber Trunk Moldings

Outcast Garage Duckbill Carbon Fiber Trunk

Custom Rear Fender Add Ons



Outcast Garage Carbon Fiber Engine Cover

Optimus Performance Exhaust with Custom Quads

2X ARC Radiator Cap

Top Secret Oil Cap

Painted Engine Covers (not yet done, waiting till widebody is started)


Becausebags Corsa Air Struts

Airlift 3H Management

Megan Rear camber arm

Megan Rear Traction Rod

Megan Rear Toe Arm

SPL Front Camber Arm


Work VSXX - 19X11 and 19X12

Toyo T1 Sports

Future Plans

Bumper Fuse

Redone Custom Air Display

Custom Interior

Miscellaneous Engine Modifications

Big Brake Kit



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