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tHE "dEVIL" z

Owner- Sabas Medina

Vehicle- 2008 Nissan 350Z

Occupation- Fluorescent Inspector for PCC

Photographer- Maurice Roberto, Miguel Hernandez and Sabas Medina

Interviewer- Sam Singh


           My name is Sabas Medina I’m 21 years old and live in Carson City, NV. My passion and enthusiasm for cars began at the age of 14 when I saw an old Super Street magazine. At the age of 18 I bought my first Z, a 2006 Nissan 350z. It only took a couple of months until I began to modify it furthering my interest in the scene. Unfortunately, 7 months down the road I crashed it going up a mountain. Shorty after the accident, I purchased my current 350z.

When did you buy your current Z?

November 2014

Who does most of the work on your car?

Nick Hunter at 5523 Motorsports did all the engine work, but in other aspects my friends and I worked on my car.

Is this your first project car?

My first project was an 1984 Datsun 720 that I swapped a KA24de into.

What would you want your next project car to be?

My next project would be the second car that I have which is a 2005 Mitsubishi Evolution 8 MR

What made you choose this car over the competitive cars in it's class?

I chose the 350z over another car in its class because of its potential and design.

What was your initial goal with the car when you first purchased it?

My initial goal was to upgrade the camshafts, and add even more nitrous than my previous Z.

Where do you see yourself with this car in the next couple years?


In the next couple of years, I hope to have a finish car attending car shows and enjoying what I have built

Did you achieve your Initial Goal with the car? 

I would say that for now I have achieved my initial goal, but it is a never ending process.

What are your future plans for the car?

My future plans for my car is to get body work and reduce the rear camber, a big brake kit, and possibly an air ride suspension.

What/Who inspires your build? 

I get my inspiration from family, friends, and other ideas that cross my mind.

Is there anyone you would like to thank for the help/support throughout this journey?

I would like to thank my friends: Juan C., Dave C., Jaycee N., Nick H. and especially my girlfriend, Clarissa M., whom has been there since the beginning and has pushed me to be the best I can be at every step of the way.


11:1 Compression

BC rods 

Weisco pistons 

Arp mains 

Ported heads 

Ported Lower plenum 

Ported upper plenum and TB inlets 

GTR 570cc injectors 

AEM 320LhP pump

EPS 70mm TB 

Admin 3in intake adapters to lower Injens 

Eps Pcv delete 

JWT lightweight flywheel and clutch

Tomei Extreme headers

Tomei Titanuim test pipes 

Currently on EBay Cat back 

AEM wideband 

E85 fuel 

TOMEI 272 11.3 intake and 11.0 Exhuast cams

Tomei valve springs

Quafie LSD

Uprev Osiris software 

Weapon R coolant overflow tank 


Nrg short hub 

Nrg quick release

Nardi 350mm deep corn steering wheel

Nrg adjustable shift knob 

kenwood 7in DVD/stereo 



Raysfactory GT wing

N1 front lip

Prosplitters side splitters

Work equip 05 wheels 

19x10.5 fronts 

19x13 rears 

326 power lug nuts and spikes 

Zakustech louvers

Carbon fiber roof spoiler 

Carbon wrapped roof 



BC racing coilovers 

326 power 32k rear springs 

326 power 36k front springs 

Voodoo13 front upper control arms 

SPL rear camber arms


What is your favorite mod on your car?

My favorite mod is the Nardi Steering Wheel

Photo By: Maurice Roberto

Photo By: Maurice Roberto

Photo By: Maurice Roberto

Photo By: Maurice Roberto

Photo By: Sabas Medina

Photo By: Miguel Hernandez

Photo By: Sabas Medina

Photo By: Miguel Hernandez

Photo By: Miguel Hernandez

Photo By: Miguel Hernandez

Photo By: Miguel Hernandez

Photo By: Miguel Hernandez

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