Sam- What got you into cars?

Raul- My older brother built a 1991 Volkswagen Corrado and I fell in love with it, second was a 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse and I just followed after that.

Sam- Is the WRX your first project?

Raul- No, my first big project that I got serious for, was my 2005 Infiniti G35 coupe. It was lowered on TEIN springs and 20 inch Vossens.

Sam- What inspired you to choose Form over Function?

Raul- Honestly, it was all the advice that Damien Grant gave me, from going on air to getting custom 3 piece wheels instead of coils and Work D9r 

Sam- When did you purchase your WRX and what was the reason for your choice of this car?

Raul- I got the car in July of 2014 and the main reason behind it, was that I needed something that would work during winter in Lake Tahoe and G35 just wasn't going to do the job. 

Sam- Raul, Where are you from?

Raul- I'm originally from Coachella, CA.

Sam- Where do you see yourself with this car in the next couple of years?

Raul- Hopefully done!! (Doesn't exist) but honestly, I see it as a daily driven car that would inspire others to build what they want, not what everyone else is doing.

Sam- What are your future plans with the car?

Raul- My future plans include wrapping the car in a color changing color, Seibon carbon fiber hood, fenders, trunk and duck bill. My Interior plans include getting some Racing Seats, Roll Cage and a trunk hard line setup with hardwood floor. And, Eventually upgrade to Extreme Turbo Systems 5858 Turbo kit.

Sam- Raul, what kind of criticism do you usually get about your car in the every day life?

Raul- Anywhere from, "Why are your wheels crooked?, Why is it so low?, Can you even drive it like that?" to plain and simple "Why would you do that?". But i knew that was coming. 


Cobb access port
Cobb intake
Cobb j pipe
Custom 3 inch cat back burnt tips
Tgv deletes
Brentuning E tune

Air Lift performance airbags(struts)
V2 management
Dual 380cc Viair compressors

Megan racing toe arms
Megan racing camber arms

Art in motion custom candy white ma26 3 piece wheels

24k gold hardware
Federal 595ss tires 225/35 r18

Sam- Hi Raul, How are you?


Raul- I'm great, just enjoying life. 

Sam- What plans did you have in mind when you first purchased your WRX?


Raul- Honestly, When I first got the car, I was going to just do wheels and coils and not even stretch tires or anything crazy. But, as time went on and money was better, it just evolved.